• American Express Platinum Charge Card review – India

    I got this PREMIUM METAL card in January 2020 and since it has been 6 months, I thought of reviewing it.


    Brief background

    Why this card?

    American Express Cards are the best cards in recent times, they have rolled so many offers in times where other premium cards have devalued their points or limited their offers. It is a must-have if you are good at handling plastic money. I always say this as the disclaimer – use credit cards only if you are savvy with your finances and pay all the dues in full. Even if you default once, then the benefits diminish. However, if you manage to pay that part, you cannot imagine the amount of savings the card can offer.

    Before telling that, I want to tell you that a charge card is different from credit card in many ways like you don’t get a predefined limit on your card, you have to pay the outstanding amount in full each month, usually has annual fees, etc.

    The annual fees of this card are Rs. 60000+GST which comes with the welcome gift of 1,00,000 membership reward points or Rs. 40,000 Taj vouchers. This card is for the higher-income bracket of the self-employed and salaried class.

    Since I had an American Express Platinum Travel card and they had rolled an offer for upgrade, which made me eligible for 1,25,000 sign up bonus points which accrued after the spend of Rs. 90000 in first 90 days. Now, because of the Covid-19 situation, they had extended this period by 3 more months, but I had already completed my eligible spending.

    Quick update: The spending criteria are Rs. 50,000 now. Best time to upgrade.

    I took 2 supplementary cards along with this card and extended the higher tier benefits to them too.

    The sign-up bonus could be used for my travel hacking to airline or hotel partners. Also It gives me flexibility to have greater spends and access to premium benefits.

    Exclusive Offers in last 6 months

    Insurance Offer

    Get 5000 bonus points on spends of insurance of above Rs. 50000

    Double the points. Double the value offer

    Double Rewards: 2X on eligible spends and 6X for international spends.

    Everyday Spend offer

    For everyday purchases, get 100% cashback upto Rs. 18000 of spends.

    Supplementary Card

    Amazon Gift Voucher worth ₹1500, for 4 cards

    Utilities Offer

    Pay your utilities bills and earn up to Rs.15,000 bonus points per month

    5X Rewards Multiplier Offer

    Earn on Fashion, Essentials, Electronics and Beauty & Wellness categories for select partners.

    Other offers

    Flat 5% instant discount* at Croma every Wednesday.

    Get 15%* off on celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s consultation

    Exclusive wellbeing and healthcare need related offers

    Exclusive discounts of up to ₹10,000 on OnePlus

    35000 Bonus points on booking at The Postcard Hotels in Goa

    Bonus points on purchase at

    25% discount while ordering Taj delicacies on QMIN

    Save ₹50,000 on the joining fee at The Quorum

    Get upto Rs 2.5 lacs off on Audi

    Get up to 15% off every time you fly Vistara

    Get up to 45% off on health check ups and consultations

    Complementary Unlimited Access To Lounges

    Like any premium card you get complimentary unlimited access to domestic Lounges, exclusive entry to Amex Lounges, Priority Pass Lounges (yourself and one supplementary cardholder), and Delta lounges.

    Complimentary Golf Course Access & Lessons

    Enjoy premium access to leading golf courses across multiple cities for open golf courses. You and your Supplementary Cardmembers can access professional golf lessons at various courses

    Get fast-tracked to the higher tiers of Marriott Bonvoy, Taj InnerCircle..

    I used this and got upgraded to

    • <strong>Taj InnerCirle Gold</strong>
    • <strong>Marriott Bonvoy Gold</strong>
    • <strong>Hilton Honours Gold</strong>
    • <strong>Radisson Rewards Gold</strong>
    • <strong>Shangri-la Golden Circle Jade Tier</strong>

    These benefits are applicable for supplementary card holders as well. Isn’t it awesome?

    Other Exclusive benefits

    Eligible for customized Term Life Insurance Solution Future Generali India Life Insurance and customized personal accident policy for self and family (which I purchased).

    Exclusive use of their concierge services which offers list of unique & exclusive services on Platinum Charge Card which caters to Lifestyle services, Home Services (India), Medical services (worldwide), and auto assistance (metro cities India). They have tie-ups with fine dining restaurants.

    Invitation for concert tickets to sporting events tickets and even meet and greet with celebrities.

    Complimentary EAZYDINER PRIME membership which entitles to 25% to 50% off at over 500+ Premium Restaurants.

    Zero lost Card liability internationally.

    Free for life, American Express Travel card as a companion card as long as I hold this card. 


    To summarise this is a lifestyle card. It demands higher fees but the benefits can recover the fees maybe 2X or 3X times depending on your usage and from the value, you derive from the card. This is the only card that gives sign-up bonuses in India unlike aboard where they use it extensively for travel hacking. These points can be transferred to airline and hotel partners to avail of luxurious travel.

    Use this link to get additional 10,000 bonus points for your platinum charge card and unlock the world of luxurious lifestyle now.

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  • 7 must read personal finance books

    Financial Literacy is the starting point for wealth creation

    Financial literacy is not taught in schools and colleges however it is vital as sustenance. In these tough times because of Covid-19 pandemic, where there is lot of insecurity about jobs, many people have loans to repay, businesses are suffering and the entire model of work is changing, it is one most essential skill to learn. Money management is everyone’s business, as income is not equal to wealth. One may earn a lot of money but saving and investing it rightly requires financial know-how. One has to self-reliant and do not depend on advisors, agents, bankers, friends etc. to tell them where to invest money and manage it. I have listed seven must read personal financial books, which enhanced my financial knowledge and I am sure it will enhance your knowledge and ignite your passion for learning more.

    1. Rich Dad Poor Dad – This book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, changed my perspective about personal finance. I was following a social norm – study hard, go to college, find a job, keep the job and retire. But this book has changed by vision. When you read it, you will understand why I can’t recommend enough. You can get the book here or
    2. Your money or your life – This book by Joseph R. Dominguez, Monique Tilford, and Vicki Robin, teaches us about Nine Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence. It gives lot of perspective for people aspiring to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Well who wants to retire at 60, the new retirement age is 40. You can get the book here or
    3. Let’s talk money: You’ve Worked Hard for It, Now Make It Work for You – This book by Monika Halan, talks about personal finance from an Indian perspective. As the title suggests, we have worked hard for money, now make it work for you. This is very important aspect of personal finance as there is a limit to work hard, smart work is the thing. This book also highlights the common mistakes people make in handling money. You can get the book here or
    4. I will teach you to be rich – This book by Ramit Sethi, is written by an Indian who is based in United States, however his concepts from personal finance perspective are amazing. According to him, people try to save penny but do not concentrate on big wins which can save thousands perhaps lakhs of dollars. His scripts provide a ready reference material which provide instant gains in various financial areas. I have benefited from this book. This book is for keeps. You can get the book here or
    5. The Intelligent Investor – This book by Benjamin Graham, is the bible for investors, how much I say is less for this book. It is the most widely acclaimed book on value investing. Those who follow Warren Buffet, the billionaire and legendary investor, would know that Benjamin Graham was his mentor. You teaches you framework for sound investments keeping emotions at bay. You can get the book here or
    6. Quit like a millionaire : No Gimmicks, Luck, Or Trust Fund Required – This book by Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen, is most recommended for FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) enthusiasts. Initial few pages might look like a drag but it shows that how coming from a humble background how one can retire early and pursue travelling dreams. Sounds unreal, well read the book here or
    7. Secrets of the Millionaire mindset: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth – This book by T. Harv Eker, talks about money mindset as no matter how knowledgeable you are about personal finance; it won’t work for you unless your money blueprints are clear. It explains why some people attract money and others struggle with money, and through some effort you can consciously change your money blueprint. I recently finished this book and would definitely recommend for reading it at least once. You can get it here or

    I hope that the post is helpful to kickstart and accelerate your financial freedom and wealth creation journey.

    Disclaimer – I would be getting a small amount as commission if any book purchase is made using the links above.

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  • American Express Travel Platinum Card Review

    As I love travelling and good hotel experience, I added this card in my portfolio of various credit cards.

    Product Features:


    Spend Rs. 1,90,000 in a year and get Travel Vouchers worth more than Rs. 7,700
    Spend Rs. 4,00,000 in a year and additionally get Travel Vouchers worth more than Rs. 11,800. Get a Taj Experiences E-Gift Card worth Rs. 10,000 from the Taj, SeleQtions and Vivanta Hotels

    Annual Fee:

    First Year fee: Rs. 3,500 plus taxes NIL, if you apply using this link
    Second Year onwards : Rs. 5,000 plus taxes

    Key Benefits:

    2 Supplementary Cards at no additional cost
    24/7 Card Related Assistance
    Zero Lost Card Liability


    • Enjoy 4 complimentary visits per year (limited to one complimentary visit per quarter) to airport lounges across India.
    • Enjoy complimentary membership to Priority Pass, with the US$ 99 annual membership fee waived off exclusively for you.

    Overall this card is excellent.

    Pro-tip: Use this card till the target of Rs. 4,00,000 is met.

    As per my experience, the points earned in this card cannot be merged with American express rewards card platinum charge card, as its a different category of card.

    American express gives a very good user experience and excellent customer support service and you should have this card if you love travelling.

    What are you waiting for.

    Apply here.