Money saved is money earned

There are smart ways of savings on the grocery bills, without compromising on the purchases you need. Lets take a deep dive.

  1. Prepare a list before shopping : Whether you shop online or in the stores, always check what is needed in the kitchen. Scan through your storage boxes to see whats already there, otherwise you would end up buying the same item again. Stick to the shopping list once ready.
  2. Plan budget : Not more than 10-15% of your monthly expenses should be spent towards grocery bills. Plan the budget. Do the calculation and have a number in mind and purchase within that.
  3. Meal Plans : Always have a weekly or monthly meal plans in place and then buy as per the meal plans. Don’t buy when you are hungry, otherwise you would pick up ready to eat foods, unhealthy chips, etc. Many times, people pick whatever is available on the store and then stock it, and end up throwing it away when unused.
  4. Buy as per yours needs : Do not buy what you don’t need. Just because there was an offer or promotion running, you don’t want to stock up and spend money on unwanted items.
  5. Buy organic : Opt for the organic versions of the food grains, pulses, vegetables, etc. It would seem as a pricey today, but in the long run it has many health benefits and save on the medical costs. There are farmers’ markets, big basket and many other options are available these days.
  6. Don’t waste : If you are not able to finish the prepared food at one go, then be innovative and create frankie, briyani, and other recipes with left over food. Do not throw it. If that is not possible, at least give the leftover food to the security personnel or food collection centers for giving it to the needy.
  7. Grow at home : There is no pleasure ever, than watching your plants grow. Plant your vegetables, herbs and micro greens at home. The concept of kitchen gardening is slowly gaining significance. Even you can grow collectively in the society compound if you have people with similar interests.
  8. Buy online : Always try to buy online, as the chances of impulse buying are lesser there. In departmental stores, they use customer psychology and marketing techniques such as display, promotions, freebies, and other offers, which result in buying items which you don’t need.
  9. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables : Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, because they are fresh and healthy. It is available in bulk and hence the price is not high, they don’t dent your pockets too.
  10. Buy local : Don’t increase your bill for imported products like Californian almonds, Kashmiri apples, etc. Try to buy foods which have traveled less to reach you i.e. food mile is less.
  11. Avoid packaged foods : There are a variety of packaged and frozen foods which are very costly and unhealthy as they contain a lot of preservatives. Cook home made food, try OPOS (One pot One shot) techniques for cooking, slow cooking, etc.
  12. Explore options : Don’t always buy from the place which you always do, explore cost savings options, like switch from local departmental store to online purchases.
  13. Use coupon codes : Always check if there are coupon codes available on using certain credit cards, discount codes, etc. This helps to reduce the bill for at least 5-15%.
  14. Buy all at one go : Generally during the start of the month, there are many spend based offers which are running, leverage them. For e.g. Big basket (1-5th), Amazon Great Indian Sale or monthly Maha Bachat offer, etc.
  15. Buy unbranded products : There are many substitutes available in market for everything. Some of the products are as good as the branded ones but cost less. E.g. Big basket, Reliance Smart, etc. have their own products which are sold cheaper on their websites or physical stores.
  16. Memberships : If you are a loyal customer of a particular brand, then you should always subscribe to the membership plans. Most of the times these are free or pay back the nominal fee charged. Earn the points on every single purchase and track the expiry of those points. Redeem when the points are sufficient enough.
  17. Affiliate websites : There are websites like Timeprime, Cashkaro, Intermiles, Smartbuy etc. which give the points or cash discounts when the purchase is routed through their websites. Explore such options if you are a member with them.
  18. Sale Offers & Promotions : In case there are certain anniversary sale offers, Amazon Big Sale, Big Basket Independence sale, Grofers sale, then plan to buy the regular items for 2-3 months in advance, if the deals are really good. This saves a lot of money.
  19. Payment Options : Use the credit cards and earn those points and sometimes discounts. This would help to achieve the spend criteria of the card on certain cards. Sometimes are are offers on wallets, like patym, lazypay etc. In such cases use the credit card to charge the wallet either before or after the purchase is made. This way you get benefit of the credit card points and discount from the wallet also.
  20. Carry your own bag : If you shop from malls, departmental stores, then always carry your own bag. It will save the environment and also reduce the garbage at home too. It would add the surcharge on your purchases.

Hope those tips were useful. Please comment below if it helped you.