Abundance Affirmations are the most powerful tools to attract wealth and prosperity in your life. Get out of the scarcity mindset and tune in to the wealthy mindset by consistently repeating these affirmations daily. You got to say this with conviction and without a doubt.

10 Most Powerful Abundance Affirmations that work

I release all the blocks to attract abundance.

The first and foremost thing is to release all the mental blocks you may have which deter attracting the abundance in your life. Once these blocks are released you will notice the inflow of money into your life easily. Releasing those blocks consciously and subconsciously is very important to clear the roadblocks to abundance.

I am financially abundant & money comes to me easily.

Many people have this belief that money is hard to make and that money doesn’t stay with them. Have an abundant money mindset and see how money gets attracted to you. You would notice that you are automatically meet the right people at the right time. Abundance affirmations are the best way to attract wealth.

I am worthy of having more wealth.

If you think you are worthy you certainly are because it’s all in the mind. Positive thoughts create actions and those actions will create wealth for you.

I am financially free.

Financial freedom gives you the ability to decide the life which you want to live on your own terms. You can choose to work or choose to devote your time for causes which you care about or travel or stay in the mountains. When your finances are sorted then major portion of your worries are sorted. Money cannot buy everything but buys most of the things that could make you happy.

I am attracting endless abundance by keeping a gratitude mindset.

Affirmations with a gratitude mindset have a multiplier effect. Gratitude acts as insurance for that abundance to continue. It works because when you express gratitude for what you already have then you attract more of those things. The law of attraction starts working at an accelerated speed.

I earn a fortune in ethical, honest and helpful ways.

Many people are conditioned to think that rich people are bad and they have all the vices. But actually, it’s not true, money brings the personality which you are. If you are generous then you would give more money to charity and if you are a miser then even when you have more money you would not be a spendthrift. So decondition your mind and say money is rooted in good and it brings a peaceful life. Honestly is the best policy.

Money flows to me in abundance.

The things which we consider important are the ones which we choose that stay in our lives. Money also deserves that importance for it to stay with you. Have that money mindset with these 10 powerful money affirmations that will pave a way for money in your life.

I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way.

We attract and manifest things in our life, our thoughts create the circumstances and we see them happening in our lives. This is true for attracting money too, have a positive money mindset and see the abundance flowing into your life, and the gratitude, makes that money stay in your life.

I am ready to receive all the abundance, prosperity, and wealth which the universe is willing to bless me with it.

When you affirm something, you ask from the universe and the universe makes sure that you get it. . When you feel low, unproductive and totally out of the place. Positive mindset and acceptance along with the affirmations, can lift you up.

I am abundant in all areas of my life.

Abundance in all areas of life means total bliss. Great relationships, good work, excellent health, and abundant inflow of money makes your life complete. Affirm for that blissful life.

Ms Wise (financial Coach)

Ms Wise is a financial coach. She is a content writer for a personal finance blog. She is a chartered accountant with 15+ years of experience in the financial services industry. She loves to share her experiences with money management and personal finance. She shares great tips on saving, investing, and spending money wisely which would assist you in achieving financial freedom.

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